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What is AdSense?

To understand AdSense we have to understand Google AdWords first. Here is a brief overview. AdWords AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising product. It offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and site targetted advertising for both text and banner ads. Advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and maximum amount they are willing to pay per […]

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How your beliefs affect your feelings

28 July 2011

Why do we like an original painting better than a forgery? Psychologist Paul Bloom argues that human beings are essentialists — that our beliefs about the history of an object change how we experience it, not simply as an illusion, but as a deep feature of what pleasure (and pain) is. Watch Paul Bloom explain […]

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How to choose a niche for your blog- Part 1: What are your interests?

22 November 2010

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going […]

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Learn How To Engage From Games

06 November 2010

We’re bringing gameplay into more aspects of our lives, spending countless hours — and real money — exploring virtual worlds for imaginary treasures. Why? As Tom Chatfield shows, games are perfectly tuned to dole out rewards that engage the brain and keep us questing for more. Get Articles in your email: Delivered by FeedBurner

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What Are The Advantages Of Niche Blogs?

10 October 2010

Majority of the blogs that are successful are focussed on a theme and have carved out a niche for themselves. The are some inherent advantages of niche blogging. 1. Loyal Readers Niche blog will write on the topic of their niche. So readers who have need for the a certain kind of information and like […]

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What is a Blog?

01 October 2010

Definition of blog The word ‘Blog’ came from ‘Web log’. It is type of website that is usually created and maintained by an individual. The publisher of the blog, commonly called a ‘Blogger,’ creates regular entries, called ‘posts’. The entries are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the latest entry showing first. Types of blogs […]

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We Are All Creative Learners!

24 September 2010

Sugata Mitra’s studies prove that we are all creative problem solvers by default. If we help each other and create a community, nothing is impossible. Get Articles in your email: Delivered by FeedBurner

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How are the blogs different from regular websites?

22 September 2010

Blogs are just websites, yet they are so different from the regular websites. Let us see what makes them so different? 1. Content Blogs are updated more often than the regular websites. some times they are updated several times in a day. The content is normally arranged in reverse chronological order with the latest content […]

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Who are you competing with?

10 August 2010

Run towards something and not away from something. Always compete with yourself. Try to be better than you were yesterday. You will see all dots will fall in place, you will get help from everywhere. Ben Comen’s story teaches me many lessons! Get Articles in your email: Delivered by FeedBurner

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How to Track your Ads Using Channels

18 June 2010

Using adsense ads on your site or blog may be bringing you good revenue, but are you targeting that revenue and making the most of your Adsense campaign? If you are using Adsense, but not utilizing Adsense channels to differentiate your campaigns, than you may be missing out on very important analytical data about your […]

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Getting Relevant Adsense Ads on Your Site

17 June 2010

Google Adsense is an easy way to make revenue with your website or blog. It is one of the easiest forms of monetizing a site in terms of ease of use. The tradeoff for this easy installation ad use is the control of ads, as in…you don’t have much. For the most part Google controls […]

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Vital Elements of Content Marketing Today

16 June 2010

Content marketing is a catchall term to describe the process of getting your message out to the masses.  It is not a new concept; it has been around as long as the sales pitch.  Only today, the mediums have changed. What one time would have been a brochure or handout has now become a Facebook […]

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Can Guest Blogging Help Your Blog?

15 June 2010

The subject of guest blogging has come up often and many bloggers wonder if guest blogging can help you increase traffic and readership for your own blog. The question is both yes and no. The benefit of guest blogging really depends on many things.  Yes, it can be a very valuable tool and can bring […]

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Why is your headline not selling?

14 June 2010

If you are writing content regularly, chances are you are challenged at times over the use of headlines, creating headline, and creating headlines that will actually grab the reader’s attention.  And you’re not alone. Your headline is what grabs the reader’s attention and in one sentence makes them decide if they are going to give […]

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10 Ways to Get Ideas for Your Blog Posts

11 June 2010

Every writer knows there is going to come a time when you hit the wall or face the dreaded writers block.  If it hasn’t happened to you yet, chances are it will at some point.  The trick is not avoiding these less inspired times; the trick is finding your way out. In order to be […]

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Don’t Sell, Talk – Effective Ways to Sell Without the Pitch

10 June 2010

The perfect sales pitch has always been the Holy Grail.  Being able to refine this skill and gain a following of customers just begging to buy is every sales guy’s (or gal’s) dream. The Need For Customers The need to attract customers and enchant them enough to buy your products and services will never go […]

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How to Write Inspiring Content for Your Blogs

09 June 2010

Every blogger knows that readership is king when blogging.  The whole point is to have people read your blog, otherwise, why write.  If you have been blogging for some time now, but have not experienced a growing interest, then your content may need a slight revamp. Writing interesting and inspiring content for your readers is […]

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20 Common Elements of All the Good Content on the Web

08 June 2010

Writing good content requires a combination of many things.  You want to enchant your readers while offering valuable information that is both entertaining and engaging. If you have been struggling to create content which is well-rounded and attracts more readers review these 20 common elements of all good content on the web and see how […]

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How to Create a Blog Designed for Success

07 June 2010

The ultimate success of your blog will rely on many things; content, SEO, and topic popularity will all play a very important role, but it is your blog design that could ultimately make or break the deal for your visitors. When designing a new blog there are certain things that every blog owner should consider […]

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