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20 Common Elements of All the Good Content on the Web

SEO Writing:  Common Elements of All the Good Content on the Web
Writing good content requires a combination of many things.  You want to enchant your readers while offering valuable information that is both entertaining and engaging.
If you have been struggling to create content which is well-rounded and attracts more readers review these 20 common elements of all good content on the web and see how you stack up.
1. Unique – You want to be original or be first.
2. Short and to the Point – Learn how to pack a lot of information in a little space.
3. Write for the Reader – SEO is great, but if your content is garbage, it won’t mean a thing. People can click off as fast as they arrived.
4. Readability – Make sure the grammar and spelling is always correct.
5. Entertaining – Keep the reader entertained or at the very least interested.
6. Asks a Question – This engages your readers and includes them.
7. Links – People love to get more then they came for.  Give them links to read further on your topic or to a great application, service, or product.
8. Solves A Problem – You will be doing a service to your visitors by solving their most common problems.  People need an authority.
9. Stays on Point – It is fine to write with emotion, just avoid tangents.
10. Accuracy – Research, check and double check.  No one wants to read garbage.
11. Consistency – This means post regularly and stay on topic.
12. Has Multi-Media – Pictures and video add and enhance.
13. Effective Titles – Make sure they make sense and are in line with your point.
14. Keeps the Audience in Mind – Always remember who your audience is and write to them.
15. Conversational – Good content is usually done best when it is in this casual style.
16. Engages – Anything that brings the audience in and makes them feel like they are part of something.
17. Is Useful – Make your post or article serve a purpose.
18. Good Formatting – Bullet points and subheadings are in line, easy to scan and follow a pattern.
19. Answers a Question – This could be from a reader comment or a question in the media.
20.Provokes Action – Do something that makes your visitor want to take action when they leave.  What do you want them to do after they read your content?
Keep these points in mind when writing your next article or blog post and see if it doesn’t make for richer content and increased interest from your visitors.

Why do you like to visit a website again and again?  Would you like to add anything to the list above? Please share in the comments section.

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