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What is AdSense?

To understand AdSense we have to understand Google AdWords first. Here is a brief overview. AdWords AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising product. It offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and site targetted advertising for both text and banner ads. Advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and maximum amount they are willing to pay per […]

Signing up for Google AdSense Account

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Optimizing the Ads for maximum clicks

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Formatting your ads for maximum clicks

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Building Content For Profit

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Tracking Ads with channels

11 April 2010

You can have different kinds of ads on your web pages. Ads can vary by sizes or placements etc. For example on a page you have a leader board ad and a medium rectangle. How do you find out which size is performing better? On another page your have one medium rectangle above the fold […]

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Building Content For Profit

11 April 2010

Why is content important There is not doubt that AdSense is better than most of the advertising on the web because the ads are relevant to the content on your page and that is why they are highly targeted. The visitor comes to your pages searching for content that will provide him some solution and […]

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Making Money With Google Search Box

10 April 2010

What is google search box for adsense? When you signup for Google Adsense account, google lets you add their search box to your website. When a user searches for a keyword the search box will display targeted text ads along with the search results. Advantages of adding Google search box Suppose the visitors did not […]

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How to Attract Relevant Ads for Your Niche

10 April 2010

Google has a very sophisticated system to send relevant ads to your website. You don’t have any control over the ads that appear at your site. It is all decided by the google software. Since it is decided by the software, which in turn depends upon the data collected by Google crawlers. What we can […]

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Ad Placement for Maximum Clicks

10 April 2010

The most effective location for placement of ads will vary from page to page. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself  for deciding the position of your ads: Where will the attention of the visitor be focused? How I can integrate ads without getting in the user’s way? How I can keep the […]

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Google Policies for AdSense

10 April 2010

IMPORTANT: This article only gives overview of the Google policies for Adsense. You must read the official policies at the following link: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=48182 Google is very strict with implementing the policies. For success with the program it is a must to keep yourself up to date with the policies and follow them. Invalid clicks and […]

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I was totally lost due to overload of information on the internet. The Ebook "Make Money with AdSense" is a no-nonsense course that helped me to understand AdSense in the shortest possible time and monetize my website with it.

-Rubal, Canada

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