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How to Track your Ads Using Channels

How to Track your Ads Using ChannelsUsing adsense ads on your site or blog may be bringing you good revenue, but are you targeting that revenue and making the most of your Adsense campaign?

If you are using Adsense, but not utilizing Adsense channels to differentiate your campaigns, than you may be missing out on very important analytical data about your campaign which could cause you to limit your income opportunities.

Adsense channels allow you to track your ads independently and compare the data in order to make long and short term optimization adjustments.

Here is how Channels Work:

Each time you create an ad campaign in Adsense, you will be directed to create a channel. This is not a necessary option by Google, but it should be by you.

Each time you create a new adsense ad, create a new channel to correspond to that ad. Be as specific as possible when naming your channels, especially it you have several websites. If your site name is ABCBlog and you are placing the ad in a header, your channel name should be ABCBlog.header or something similar to differentiate it from you other ads on that site or another site you may own.

Once you have created a channel for each ad on your site you can begin to track performance and determine which ads and ad types are doing best in which sites or areas within your sites. The information you gather by using Adsense channels is vital to your adsense campaigns.

Adsense channels allow you to track a variety of information about your ads and make side by side comparisons to locate your best performers.

Channels allow you to track:

  • Number of Page Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost per 1000 impressions
  • Earning per channel

All of this information is not only beneficial, but necessary to insure you are maximizing your CTR by site and location. If you don’t know which ads are most favored by your visitors then you are leaving money on the table with each one.

If you are already making a decent income from your Adsense ads, you may question the need to track these ads through channels. Well, for those of you posing this question, I ask you…If you are making good income now, wouldn’t you want to see which ads are dominating that income and potentially increase that income in the future? I won’t await your answer.

If you are just unfamiliar with channels in general; check out the very easy to follow tutorials from Google which will familiarize you with the process quickly.

Trust me when I say it is well worth the effort you put into it. You reward will be increased revenue and a more targeted campaign.

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What is AdSense?

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AdSense for Internet Forums

AdSense for Internet Forums


One of the great advantages of the internet forums for you as a publisher is that the users create the content. Now, since you do not have much control over the content and the keywords, the ads supplied by the Adsense may not be relevant to the topic and sometimes can result in low CTR.

But we must realize that internet communities are hidden goldmines which have loyal visitors, unique content-that too created by the visitors and high level of user involvement with the content. By some clever strategies these forums can be converted into the cash generating machines.

Ad placement in Forums

Google has provided a heat map and optimization tips at the following location. Please feel free to checkout:


AdSense for Internet Forums

Google's heat map for forums


• Forum members are very much focused on the topic of discussion, ads on the side bars or on top of the page is not distracting to them.

• Top post on each page grabs most attention. Place a ad below the top post on every page.

• Place a horizontal ad just below the form buttons. This is the most visited area in a forum.

• Try putting ads at the bottom of each post.

• Add a google search box at the end of the last post. If the visitor does not find what he was looking for in the threads, he may like to do a search.

• Opt in for image ads. If you have good traffic but low CTR, you can get good revenue even without the clicks.


• Don’t break a post by putting ads in the middle of the post.

• Don’t mix a bunch of ads in the middle of the page.

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