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Getting Relevant Adsense Ads on Your Site

Targetted Adsense AdvertisingGoogle Adsense is an easy way to make revenue with your website or blog. It is one of the easiest forms of monetizing a site in terms of ease of use.

The tradeoff for this easy installation ad use is the control of ads, as in…you don’t have much. For the most part Google controls which ads appear in the Adsense box on your site, but you can help to bring more relevant ads to your site by employing a few simple strategies.

Why is relevant content so important?

Google’s Adsense bots look first for keyword density within your content when determining ads for your site. If the ads appearing on your site seem completely off-base to your topic, look at your keyword density. There are a host of keyword density tools on the web that will let you see which words are appearing more often than others.  Chances are if you are not utilizing keywords effectively, your ads will be off and it’s time to do some rewriting and SEO.

Start with a Google search for target keywords for your site. For example, if you are selling bicycles, search bicycles in Google. Now look to the ads at the top and right of the screen. Are these ads effective for your site? If they are not, try utilizing other words with the same meaning or message or keyword phrase until you see some ads more relevant to your target audience. You can also try using this great Google Ads Preview Tool to test out keywords or check over your site.  It can be quite a learning experience.

Once you have keywords that you know will bring in ads you desire, start using them in your content.

Look for the hidden killers.

If you have revamped your content but are still seeing only a slight improvement, then you may want to check the other areas of your blog or site for other relevancy killers. Here are some areas to check for an over usage of terms not relevant to your keywords.

  • Page Titles
  • Headlines
  • Navigation
  • Image Descriptions and alt tags
  • URLs
  • Category Titles
  • Tag Clouds
  • Headers

Remember, the bots scan your entire site. If you are overusing irrelevant language in any of these key areas, you are sending out the wrong message to the bots. They are reading what they see and trying to bring in ads that seem to be the best fit for what they are reading.

Why you should add a Google Search Box to your site.

Google gives site owners a very easy way to bring more relevant ads to your site with Google Site Search. If you add the Google Search Box to your blog or website you actually allow your visitors to assist in bringing in ads relevant to their own unique search. Google will utilize the terms put into the search box to help generate Adsense ads on your site. You are not going to get more targeted than that my friends so get one of these up right away.

It may take some additional tweaking to get more relevant Adsense ads on your site, but at last you now have a starting point. Do your own research as well and you’ll soon see that revenue increase as a result of your efforts.

What are your experiences with the AdSense ads? Share your thoughts in the comments area.

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What is AdSense?

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AdSense for Internet Forums

AdSense for Internet Forums


One of the great advantages of the internet forums for you as a publisher is that the users create the content. Now, since you do not have much control over the content and the keywords, the ads supplied by the Adsense may not be relevant to the topic and sometimes can result in low CTR.

But we must realize that internet communities are hidden goldmines which have loyal visitors, unique content-that too created by the visitors and high level of user involvement with the content. By some clever strategies these forums can be converted into the cash generating machines.

Ad placement in Forums

Google has provided a heat map and optimization tips at the following location. Please feel free to checkout:


AdSense for Internet Forums

Google's heat map for forums


• Forum members are very much focused on the topic of discussion, ads on the side bars or on top of the page is not distracting to them.

• Top post on each page grabs most attention. Place a ad below the top post on every page.

• Place a horizontal ad just below the form buttons. This is the most visited area in a forum.

• Try putting ads at the bottom of each post.

• Add a google search box at the end of the last post. If the visitor does not find what he was looking for in the threads, he may like to do a search.

• Opt in for image ads. If you have good traffic but low CTR, you can get good revenue even without the clicks.


• Don’t break a post by putting ads in the middle of the post.

• Don’t mix a bunch of ads in the middle of the page.

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