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Great Ways to Gain More Subscribers

Great Ways to Gain More Blog Subscribers

These Can Be Your Blog Subscribers

Hundreds, if not thousands, of new blogs are started everyday.  Some for fun, others to share family stories or as travel logs, but more often than not these days blogs are considered and utilized as marketing tools for many businesses.  Look at almost any website for products and services and 8 times out of 10 you will find a BLOG button in the navigation bar somewhere.  If you are considering starting a blog to promote your business then you will quickly learn that the key objective will be to obtain as many subscribers as possible.  A subscriber equals a potential sale and one more set of eyes upon your product or service.  Since subscribers are key, let’s discuss some easy ways to get them to hit that little orange button!

Make It Entertaining

I don’t care what else you are doing on your blog, if it is not either very entertaining or very informative you can have subscriber buttons all over the page and it wont matter one bit.  Give your subscribers something worth subscribing to.

Make It Easy

Check to make sure that your blog has a visible and easy to find SUBSCRIBE option or RSS button some where on the main page.  If the reader finds your blog interesting their first move will be to look for the subscribe button.  Give them an option of adding to a reader or subscribing via email.  If you offer both, even better!

Offer Fresh Content

I have over 100+ subscriptions in my Google Reader and one of the first things I look for is new content.  I will give more attention to blogs which I know are up to date in their industry.  I don’t want to learn about your new gadget 5 months after it has come out.  I want pre-launch hype and updates!

Give Them Free Stuff

The oldest and most effective way to gain a following is to give them something for nothing (or what seems like nothing). Have you ever seen those little boxes in the left or right columns saying “Get Our Free 15 Page Report” or “Your Best Guide To The Forex”?  If you ever clicked on them you have noticed that in order to get that report you have to fill out your name and email or subscribe before you can download it.  This is one of the most effective ways and the most widely used in the industry.  If you don’t have a White Paper sitting around on your hard drive you can look for pre-written, Private Label Rights material (Do a Google search for PLR).  Then offer it on your blog for free in return for that subscription.

Be Well Known

Talk about your blog on social networks.  If you are well-versed on a certain subject, volunteer to be a guest on a podcast or get interviewed by your local paper.  These are actually a lot easier to do then they sound.  Podcasters are always looking for fresh content and you might be doing them a favor.  Check out iTunes or BlogTalkRadio for some podcasts in your area of expertise and contact the owner.


One effective and free way to get more traffic to your blog and therefore, more potential subscribers, is to be a guest blogger for a complimenting blog.  For instance, if your specialty is lactation and lactation guides, you may want to write a post for a popular Mommy blog.  Most bloggers will allow you to link back to your site in exchange for the content.  Some may ask to do an exchange where they write a piece for your blog and you write one for theirs.  This also helps to build your rank with the search engines by creating legitimate back links.

Make A Video

YouTube, Vimeo, and the like are very powerful marketing tools and can bring a number of visitors to your blog.  If you have a product to offer this is a must do!  It is very easy to do a quick video about your product, what it does, why it’s the greatest potato peeler in the world, etc.  If you make it funny, corny, zany it has even more potential to go viral.  Just be sure there is information and links to get them back to your site to subscribe. If you can’t do the zany stuff then a simple “open the box” type of video is very effective.  Open your product and unpack it on the video, showing the audience what comes in the box, how it goes together or is used.

Be Reputable

No one wants to be taken advantage of so be sure the information you are relaying is accurate and not misleading.  Promoting products that are faulty or services that are unethical will not only sour your readers but may lead to legal troubles.  If by chance you do make an error in judgment unknowingly, call yourself out on it.  Let your readers know you are truthful and you will build trust, gain recommendations, and more followers.

Lots Of Links

I don’t know why people love links so much, but they do.  Give them useful links to products, more information on the topic, or services that may be helpful for further information and your readers will want to keep coming back for more.  Linking within your own site or blog also helps ranking and flow within your blog, keeping them around to read more.

Blast Em

Gather tidbits daily on your industry or centered around your blog topics. Make this information very useful to the reader and post it daily.  You want it to be something they will miss if they don’t get it.  An example would be a daily closing price of gold or the latest entertainment news on the celebrity of the week.  You want it to be unique to your blogs topic and something they can’t easily find elsewhere.  Blast it out in your blog daily and ask your readers to “send this to a friend” with a linking option.  This will steadily build a greater subscriber list.

These are just a few tips to get you started, but there are so many more.  Take the place of your reader and ask yourself what makes you hit that little orange button.  Turn those thoughts into actions and before you know it you will have a very impressive following.

I hope this was useful to you. Your feedback is very important to me. Please leave a comment. To get step by step  AdSense Information and instructions, I recommend my adsense guide, it is totally free.

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