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Building Content For Profit

Why is content important

There is not doubt that AdSense is better than most of the advertising on the web because the ads are relevant to the content on your page and that is why they are highly targeted.

The visitor comes to your pages searching for content that will provide him some solution and he may also find some product or service displayed on the ad that will solve his problem.

So, if the content is not good, you will not get relevant ads and user will not stay on your website as the content is not interesting.

How to create good content

Creation of good content is not difficult at all. One or more methods described below may suite you to create quality content.

  1. Write it your self: If you have a interest in any topic or you are an expert in any field, create a website or a blog on your topic. Creation of a blog is very easy and highly non technical.
  2. Cash your old content: if you have written a book in the past and is no longer being sold, just update the content and put it on a website or a blog in the form of articles or posts.
  3. Get volunteer writers: There are a lot of people who like to write on the topics of your interest. On your website, encourage other people to submit their content.
  4. Pay of the content: you can encourage people to submit content to your website and if their content is selected for publishing you can compensate them for the content.
  5. Use free content from the web: There are many writers who want their articles published and read by a larger audience. Such content is available at many resources, each website has their own rules for using their content. In all the cases, you have to keep the author’s name and website link in tact. These websites have content on almost any topic. Here is a list of most important such websites:
  6. Use Public domain works for your site: These are the books, articles, pictures etc whose copyrights have expired. Since they have not been re-registered for copyright, they enter the public domain. So, anyone can publish or sell the works without paying any commission. One such source is:

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    Your story was really ifnromative, thanks!


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