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Can Guest Blogging Help Your Blog?

Can Guest Blogging Help Your Blog?The subject of guest blogging has come up often and many bloggers wonder if guest blogging can help you increase traffic and readership for your own blog. The question is both yes and no.

The benefit of guest blogging really depends on many things.  Yes, it can be a very valuable tool and can bring many inbound links which we all know brings both traffic and ranking.  In order for it to be beneficial, however, it needs to be done right.

Think of guest blogging as visiting someone’s house for the first time.  You want to be on your best behavior, show respect, and leave a good impression.  To do this, you should consider some of the following before you start:

Review Your Post

Read the host blog.  You should have done this as part of your preliminary research, but you may want to visit again in the week prior to your post.  Note the writer’s style as the readers will expect you to at least follow it somewhat.  Also note the visitor’s comments and get a general feel for the audience.

Do Your Research

Check and recheck your sources for the content you are writing.  If you have poorly researched content you will not just be jeopardizing your own reputation, you will also have to consider the blog owner’s reputation.  Make sure your facts and quotes are correct, that any links are working properly, and all multi-media is credited accordingly.

Set Guidelines

Discuss the post ahead of time with the host blog’s owner and iron out details like length, title, topic, multi-media use and any other points that may be necessary.

Don’t Advertise

Do not use guest blogging as an avenue for free advertising.  Your goal should be to get the reader interested enough in what you have to say so they want to visit your blog.  Once you get them there you can decide to pitch to them.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Always give them your best work.  You may have only one chance to shine and get your 15 minutes of fame so make sure the quality is top notch.  Read and reread to check for context, grammar, and spelling errors.  Have a friend or colleague read through the post as well to pick up things you may have missed.  You want to deliver a quality product.

When you are guest blogging the best point to keep in mind is that you are a guest and therefore you have to be on your best behavior.  Keep your writing style free of slang and don’t be overly comedic.  Even if this is your normal style the reader’s on the host blog may not be used to your style and may misunderstand your jokes.  Stay on point and stick to the topic.

Have you ever done guest blogging? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments area.

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