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Vital Elements of Content Marketing Today

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Content marketing is a catchall term to describe the process of getting your message out to the masses.  It is not a new concept; it has been around as long as the sales pitch.  Only today, the mediums have changed.

What one time would have been a brochure or handout has now become a Facebook status update, email, or a tweet to your followers.  This poses a bit of a problem for old school marketers who may still be trying to use and old method on a new system.

These traditionalists soon learn that today’s consumer is not digesting information in the same way and that their one mailer or newsletter will quickly be lost amidst the fast paced social media.

If this is you, your content marketing strategy needs a makeover.

1. Learn what is available

Begin with the basics. Learn what your marketing avenues are and how each works. Join Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and become part of the conversation. You can read about how they all work, but to truly understand it you have to be an active member of the community.

2. Know what your market is looking for

Once you become familiar with the options you have available to you, start asking questions or looking for them. Seek out your target audience and see what they are searching for and what problems exist which you can potentially solve for them. Create content specific to that market.

3. Know what to use where

Knowing what type of content is best marketed in each venue will be an integral part of your strategy. Readers expect to find certain information in their respective places, so be sure you have the right messages out there. Don’t fill up a blog with a barrage of short updates which are better placed on Twitter and don’t write 15 tweets to get a larger message across, blog it instead.

4. Use them all

Be prepared to tackle each type of content. You have to be able to transform your message to fit each marketing arena. Learn to create video, PowerPoint presentations, and email campaigns with your content. It must be pliable and reusable.

5. Help them find it

I see so many people miss the mark with this one. They work so hard on their blog, articles, or sales pitch and then it is lost on their website because no one knows it exists. Learn and put into practice SEO and social networking with every piece of content you create. You have worked so hard to make it great…now work hard to get it out there!

6. Help them understand how to use it

So you are up to speed with your newly developed content marketing skills, but now your customers are falling behind. Your solution: Teach them how to use it. Direct them to tutorial on using social media so they can become part of the conversation. You don’t have to create these tutorials, they are everywhere. Just post them on your site or within your blog post with some simple anchor text strategically placed within your copy.

The vital elements of content marketing today are different, but not impossible to understand. Adapt your old ideas to the new techniques and the winning combination will get you back in the game with your potential customers.

Do you have any suggestions? Please express your thoughts in the comments section.

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