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Don’t Sell, Talk – Effective Ways to Sell Without the Pitch

Internet Advertising And Marketing Without Sales Pitch

The perfect sales pitch has always been the Holy Grail.  Being able to refine this skill and gain a following of customers just begging to buy is every sales guy’s (or gal’s) dream.

The Need For Customers

The need to attract customers and enchant them enough to buy your products and services will never go away as we will always need our customers, however, the days of the sleazy sales pitch are gone and we have to find new ways to get the message out there.

How Can I Help You?

Think about it.  How many times have you walked into a department store and groaned at the sales person as they approached with their scripted “Good afternoon, can I help you find something?” pitch. I know it drives me nuts.  I actually try to avoid them like a kid avoiding their parents at the school dance.  Darting between racks of clothing as they chase me across the sales floor.

Ugly indeed.

The funny thing is, if I really need their help, and go to them for assistance on my own, they tend to have my full attention and a more willing audience.  I am much more apt to listen to them when I initiated the conversation. When it is the other way around I tend to feel invaded.

Familiar Invasion

This same ‘invasion’ happenes everyday to all of us.  If it’s not in the department store, it’s in our email inbox or through annoying pop ups (yes, unfortunately, they still exist).

What is the best Way?

Perhaps the best way to attract customers is to simply talk to them.  Not in an intrusive way, but more in a helpful way. If you have a product that you feel is useful and can actually help people solve a problem then start talking about the problem, not the product (that will come later).

By talking about the problem you’re actually helping your customers realize they have or could have this problem and nobody wants a problem right?

Create Buzz

Get you message out there to as many venues as you can.  Blog about the problem and its many forms.  Seek out Q&A sites where the problem is being addressed and discuss it with them. Tell stories about people you know that have this issue. You want to create a buzz and stir up the dirt.

Once you have created a storm of customers, all with the same problem, then you can start to introduce your product or service. By this point they will be breaking down your door to get it.  As I say, nobody wants a problem.  They want a solution and you have it.

Real Conversations

The buying public is far more educated today and they can spot a sales pitch a mile away. So don’t sell, talk. Have real conversations about their issues and wait for them to bring it up. Spend time refining your approach when they do and you will be able to loose that sales ‘pitch’ forever.

What is your experience with the annoying sales pitches? Please share in the comments area

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