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Unique and Effective Ways to Promote a Blog

Unique and Effective Ways to Promote a Blog

Welcome To Blogging!

Now that you have the blog subject and have started on the content, it is time to begin promoting it. The more you promote your site, the better chance you will have of getting a lot of viewers. Marketing your blog will be the largest contribution you can make to bring people to it. You can make money with a blog that is well put together, interesting and promoted, but you need visitors too.

Submit It

The best place to start is by submitting your blog to all the free blog forums and directories you can find. Doing a simple search for blog directories and/or forums will provide hundreds of results so find the ones you are comfortable with and utilize all they have to offer.

Leave Comments

Find blogs that are similar to yours and leave comments on all of them with a link leading to your blog. When you find blogs with a lot of viewers and you leave a comment and link, it will bring people to your blog. The more times you do this, the greater chance you will have of increasing your link authority.

Give Aways

Offer a promotional gift to your readers. This can be done in a few different ways, but one that works really well is to have a contest on your site. For example, if you have a blog about children, offer a prize to the person who leaves the funniest child comment. Prizes and contests bring a lot of readers, readers that will continue to come to your blog if it is interesting.

Word of Mouth

Make word of mouth your best friend by sending out emails to friends, family and friends of family a link to your blog. Chances are if you send it to them they will forward it to those in their address book.


Social networking sites are great places to promote a blog. If you do not have accounts on MySpace, Twitter or Facebook now is the time to start one. You will be able to design a page that will link to your blog which will bring tons of new readers.


An RSS feed on your blog will allow readers to subscribe to the site and get notice of any updates you post. This will make it easier for a reader to know immediately when something new has been added to your site and saves them from going back continuously without finding anything new.


Answer sites like Yahoo Answers and Answers.com can be a great way to promote your blog.  Search for open questions in topics related to your blog and leave answers along with a link back to your blog.  An informative answer will lead the readers back to you blog for more information.

Remember to keep your blog up to date by putting up new content regularly. If you started the blog and promised your readers new content daily, but do not follow through they will stop coming to your site. Make all attempts to add interesting and unique content to your blog. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to know what they are doing, so read what your competitors are saying on a regular basis and try to find relative content that they might not be talking about.

I hope this was useful to you. Your feedback is very important to me. Please leave a comment. To get step by step  AdSense Information and instructions, I recommend my adsense guide, it is totally free.

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